The changing world of business values and practices

Good Business for a Better World is a documentary series about the latest trends in sustainable and responsible business practices. It will look at corporations, entrepreneurs and business educators offering a positive vision of a better way to do business as they face the challenges of social and environmental responsibility.

Good-business-LogoTechie professional Lawrence Huffines and Native American educator Solana Rose, team up to investigate the changing business environment – driven by hardcore profit-driven goals as well as environmental ones, and seeking to align the two. Lawrence and Solana each bring a unique perspective to their inquiries –  ranging from the nuts-and-bolts of business to a whole-world views on sustainability and planning for the generations ahead.

Good Business for a Better world will feature diverse people and perspectives with a special emphasis on Native American sustainability practices by co-host Solana Rose, documentary filmmaker and great granddaughter of Chief Dan George.

To assure Good Business for a Better World will be an independent source of authoritative, reliable information, consultation on the production will be provided by the Center for Leadership and Social Responsibility of the Milgard School of Business at the University of Washington Tacoma.

The premier episode Good Business for a Better World will be screening in select cities beginning June 2013.

Sponsorship opportunities are available.
For information, contact the Producer:
Mark Celletti
Cedar Media
(253) 759-2230

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